MLPA® is the gold standard for DNA copy number quantification and is used to study both hereditary disorders and tumours. MLPA can also be applied to investigate the methylation status of DNA sequences. MRC-Holland, the inventor and manufacturer of MLPA, offers 400 different MLPA panels. Popular applications include:
  • Predisposition to Cancer
  • Neuromuscular Disorders
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Solid Tumours

Win 50 reactions of probemix of choice or MLPA workshop attendance for two persons!
MLPA is sensitive to differences in sample quality and a main factor influencing DNA quality is the choice of extraction methods. To learn from your experiences with DNA extraction in combination with MLPA, we would like to ask you to complete a survey about how you extract your DNA for MLPA. We will raffle 5 times 50 reactions of probemix or MLPA workshop attendance for two persons among the persons that have completed this survey.

You can complete the survey here: Extraction Methods Survey

MLPA workshops
MLPA workshop figure

To increase your understanding of MLPA, MRC-Holland continues to organize one-day MLPA workshops. During the theoretical and practical sessions, participants learn how to get the most out of their MLPA data from setting up the experiment to the result interpretation and troubleshooting.

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